Session OutlineEdit

The party will continue through the dragon cave, in search of what may lie inside. At the start of the episode, they will hear voices up toward the entrace of the additional guards from down the secret passage remarking that it was strange that the bats hung flew out in such a hurry at this time of night. They will be alert if the party backtracks. Additionally, Frulam Mondath will move from her chamber to the next room forward, from area 11 to area 12. If the party enters 11 from the bottom, she will enter and be surprised at their appearance after a minute of searching. One Guard and three cultists will patrol in area 2 and 12, while the other guard and 5 cultists will remain asleep in area 11. 

Additionlly, they can hear rustling, if they listen, of the Kobold guards in the next area. 

They will hopefully be aware of traps and other oddities, but almost every room bears a trap of some sort.