Summary Edit

The parry approached a broken down merchant wagon, but, being as I never give them anything they aren't suspicious of, they figured out pretty quickly that there was something funny going on. They battled and defeated the Dragonclaw and her minions, eventually discovering a letter fleshing out the plan to take the hoard to Baldur's Gate and then Northward.

The party hemmed and hawed for a bit, but decided to return to Greenest and then onward to Elturel. Torment spent the whole time angry that he had lost a hit point, the first time the effects of the McGuffin's. They avoided going to Ricky's, but bought some healing potion as well as some other gear and headed out to the horses. I forced them to camp outside town because I was getting scared of Elizabeth

Session Outline Edit

After a refreshing night's sleep, the party will make their way back to Greenest, then to on to Elturel. Ereven will have left horses for them.

Before reaching Greenest, the party comes across a broken down wagon with a Dragonclaw with three guards and two scouts. Their wagon has a broken wheel and they ask the party to help get them back and fixed. They perhaps have to search for wheel components or tools. They won't go into Greenest. The party may realize that they are cultists.

Nothing of note on the trip to Elturel, where the party will meet Ontharr Frume, and do a bunch of fun tasks.