Summary Edit

The party heads out to gear up for the pursuit of the raiders, in hopes of recovering Ereven. They ask Ricky for some cloaks to match those the raiders have. Ricky has a few brown cloaks, but the purple ones are not the right shade, so the party elects the brown. Ana and Caelynn are able to relay the information about the markings, so Ricky apparently has family, including Ricky Jr., his son, Ricketta, a daughter, and his wife, Rickoletta. They get to work making cloaks while the party looks for other goods. At the General Store, the owner, a military man (that's why it's called the General Store) sells them not much, though he has a good amount of standard weapons/armor. potions. The herbalist is trashed, and there are no healing potions to be found. The party returns to Ricky, who has the cloaks, and attempts to sell them some coats. No takers.

On the trail, the party comes across some stragglers, and takes them out. They end the battle with one kobold captured, the others dead.

Session Outline

  1. Characters prepare
    1. I assume that some of the party will try to gear up for their upcoming adventure. They can go through town and get new gear, but nothing special beyond what's in the player's handbook. None of the stores have healing potions stocked, the potion master's business is so damaged that cannot be used currently.
    2. No other NPC's will accompany them.
  2. On setting out southward, the trail of the retreating raiders is easy to find. The grass is trampled down, and if any of them scout a bit, they can find that the footprints are a little deeper heading back than toward the camp. The tracks hide the true numbers of raiders. The trail is 12 miles total. 6 miles from camp, about an hour, the spy smoke from a campfire.
  3. Stragglers
    1. Around a camp fire 2 miles further onward, the party can discover 4 cultists and 8 kobolds roasting some game birds. The camp fire is in a depression in the hills, and is surrounded by loose boulders. The party can even sneak up easily. If they wait, the kobolds grap their share of the food and move fifty yards further south to eat. The humans complain about how useless the kobolds are.
    2. If the party attacks without giving away their position, they get surprise. The kobolds flee if the humans are defeated.
    3. The cultists know a bit about the layout of the camp, and that there should be a rear guard ahead about a mile, where the trail passes between two bluffs.