Player Name Edit

Brian Duncan

Race/Alignment Edit

Drow Monk, Chaotic Good

Backstory - My Notes Edit

Also known as John Stamos and Uncle Jesse, J.S. hasn't given much of his backstory, and to be honest I can't currently remember much of what Brian and I talked about. He's gone away from his Drow heritage and pursued a lifetime of monk-ery, but has been very close-lipped about the whole thing so far. He has been a drow of action thus far, rushing to the front to battle and heedlessly attacking when another method may have been more prudent. The players have done an okay job thus far playing against this mysterious character.

Backstory - Player Generated Edit

The monastery the J.S. trained at was located outside berdusk.

Tie-ins Edit

Nesim Waladra, the monk whose brothers were serving to aid Ereven, is a member of the monastery as J.S. Though he has never meant Uncle Jesse directly, he has heard reports of this uncommon drow. He supplies a conditional voucher for the man in green.

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