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This wiki is designed to help us keep track of details, characters, plot points, and events of note in our D&D campaign. It is additionally intended to help Tim keep his act together to remember which poorly implemented accents go with which NPC and which pile of lies each shared with the party.

I'll try to denote which sections are for DM use only and which are public.

What's the Purpose of this?Edit

An obviously not comprehensive wiki to help to organize information about the D&D campaign we are running. Feel free to add pages, notes, and information, but please keep to the naming nomenclature so that it is clear which pages are public to the party and which are for DM eyes only.

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NPC List - DM Version Edit

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Sessions - DM Edit

The Party - DM Edit

Party/Public Resources Edit

NPCs Edit

  • Linan Swift
  • Governor Nighthill
  • Escobeart the Red
  • Ereven

Sarah's Notes Edit

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    Summary: On the Chionthar:
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    New page: Session OutlineEdit On the ChiontharEdit The trek will take roughly 6 days. They will be as follows: 1: Fishing. Each character will have their...
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    Summary: Session Outline:
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    Summary: Sessions - DM:
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    New page: Session OutlineEdit In ElturelEdit The group will get information from Ontharr and Ereven, after their hard night partying. Ontharr and Ereven will...
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    New page: Session OutlineEdit The party will travel the six days to Elturel, to meet Ontharr Frume, and have the opportunity to impress him. Each party member...
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    New page: Session Outline Edit After a refreshing night's sleep, the party will make their way back to Greenest, then to on to Elturel. Ereven will have left...
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    New page: Summary Edit The players completed their journey through the caves, destroying some of the dragon eggs left behind and defeating many monsters. They...
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